I’m Stephanie Grams, the owner of GRAMS DESIGNS LLC, a sentimental sewing service provider and online sewing business instructor based in Ohio. Let me share a bit about myself and why I’ve transitioned from over 12 years in marketing and publicity to this new business model.

As a child, I fondly remember hiding beneath my grandmother’s dining room table, which doubled as a sewing table, soaking in the sights and sounds of my mom and grandmother at work. Eventually, my persistent presence earned me my own sewing basket filled with needles, thread, and fabric remnants from their fashion projects. I began hand sewing at the age of 7 and have continued to refine my skills ever since—a journey spanning over 35 years.

I’ve passed down my love for sewing to my four daughters, though only one has embraced hand sewing. The others have found their own creative outlets in abstract painting, fiction writing, and music. Witnessing their diverse artistic pursuits has been immensely rewarding.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of sharing the art of sewing with various groups, including 4-H, Girl Scouts, and homeschoolers. I’ve crafted unique primitive Santas, dolls, pilgrims, and even honeybees, as well as cherished memory bears for individuals seeking solace and remembrance.

Reflecting on my life, I recognize the profound role sewing has played in my journey of healing, particularly in times of loss. After experiencing a miscarriage in 1993, I turned to hand embroidery as a therapeutic outlet for my grief. This healing process resurfaced in a more significant way following the unexpected passing of my youngest daughter, Hannah, in 2001, at just 14 months old, due to cardiomyopathy. Sewing became a lifeline, eventually leading me to establish GRAMS DESIGNS LLC.

My life has taken unexpected turns, leading me to various career paths. Despite enjoying these roles, I felt a void—a calling to pursue something more meaningful. Today, I continue to offer Memory Bears and Keepsakes while also sharing my expertise in sewing business through Keepsake Business Academy, along with hosting a podcast and YouTube channel.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, where heart and business intertwine to create something truly special.

Warm regards,

Stephanie Grams

Founder, Keepsake Business Academy

Founder, Keepsake Professionals Network