May 3, 2020: Current Sewing Services

Hey! I’m sewing more fabric face masks!! Be the first to see and shop simply by signing up for my newsletter at

My online store will make browsing and ordering “sew” much easier than having me post videos on Facebook.

Please share!

I am a 100% women-owned LLC in Ohio. I love seeing others in a meaningful way through my sewing services.

I offer a variety of face mask styles (no elastic!) that are made for style and comfort. Each mask is handmade by me, Stephanie Grams.

I appreciate all of the support!


Stephanie Grams, Owner and Founder Sewing with STEAM

About The Author

Stephanie Grams

Welcome! I’m Stephanie Grams, owner and founder of Sewing with S.T.E.A.M, LLC. Grams is a published author, podcaster, YouTuber, and sewing business boss.

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